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Keista anomalija kabojo virš greitkelio Singapūre

Keista anomalija kabojo virš greitkelio Singapūre 00:00:42

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Keista anomalija kabojo virš greitkelio Singapūre / Did anyone else saw the long hair, long skirt 'Ghost' along Upper Bukit Timah

Imagine driving through a highway in the middle of the night and passing by a ghost at the divider? Very scary, right? And even if you don’t believe in ghosts, if something eerie has been captured on camera, it might be pretty hard to ignore. Remember the freakish school ghosts videos that went viral last year, freaking out hundreds online? After Katie Price’s ghostly photos went viral, it seems 2018’s first ghost video is here and it’s from Singapore this time. A spooky footage captured on a dashcam has been scaring many on Facebook after they couldn’t decide what they saw standing on the divider with ‘long hair’.

The spooky occurrence was reportedly captured when one commuter was passing the Upper Bukit Timah Road, just before Rail Mall in Singapore on March 3. The footage was shared on...

Metai: 2018
Kalba: English
Video trukmė: 00:00:42
Autorius: Wake Up Buddy
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Keista anomalija kabojo virš greitkelio Singapūre 1


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