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Hunting cancer on a bird caught on video Hunting cancer on a bird caught on video
10.11.2017, 18:51
Hunting cancer on a bird caught on video
Scientists for the first time managed to observe how a hermit crab attacks a bird and eats it. Cancer Birgus latro, or palm thief, has an impressive size. They can weigh up to 4 kg, and their length along with the limbs reaches almost a meter. Palm thieves are considered to be the largest invertebrate animals on land. They live on atolls in the Indian and Pacific oceans.
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anomaly sun sunrise mexico anomaly sun sunrise mexico
10.11.2017, 17:57
Unknown anomaly near the sun captured during stunning sunrise over Guadalajara, Mexico
A live footage from the webcamsdemexico taken on November 5, 2017, location Guadalajara, Mexico shows a stunning sunrise at 6.57 am but one hour before sunrise a massive fog/cloud formation covers the whole area and there are multiple unknown light sources all passing over where the sun was due to rise.
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This Is What Happens When Your Third Eye Opens Accidentally This Is What Happens When Your Third Eye Opens Accidentally
10.11.2017, 17:50
This Is What Happens When Your Third Eye Opens Accidentally

According to scholars, the "Third Eye", which is located in the middle of the forehead about an inch above the eyebrows, is an invisible, mystical eye associated with a powerful energy center. For most people, this eye remains closed and the important energy connected to it is unavailable, but what happens when the Third Eye opens?

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Bigfoot and a Bizarre Vanishing Bigfoot and a Bizarre Vanishing
10.11.2017, 13:39
Bigfoot and a Bizarre Vanishing
One of the most famous legendary creatures of all, the massive, hairy ape-like beast known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch has been reported to be lurking and stalking about in just about every expanse of wilderness in North America. While these sightings are strange enough, the creatures themselves have been mostly said to be shy, reclusive, and peaceful. Yet every once and a while a truly sinister report will come in of these creatures not being any of those things, and one very strange disappearance has managed to combine all of the oddness of a violent Bigfoot encounter and a mysterious vanishing.
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rectangle UFO
09.11.2017, 23:09
Covert Disclosure of Rectangle Antigravity UFO
On the morning of October 23, Exopolitics long-time source JP (a pseudonym) was once again instructed to look up into the sky by a nearby covert operative where he saw a rectangle platform shaped UFO.
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mystery teleportation voodoo rituals
09.11.2017, 23:03
Teleportation-Voodoo Rituals: Patient who suddenly disappeared was found dead in the hospital's ceiling!
A mystery that cannot be explained is being looked into at the Stellenbosch Hospital in South Africa where a 61-year-old patient mysteriously disappeared. Almost two weeks later they discovered the body in the hospital’s ceiling of an isolated area of the Stellenbosch Hospital.
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05.09.2015, 14:20
Moore was one of the foremost UFO-sceptics
Patrick Moore 'watched UFO being caught on camera but BBC edited it out of his documentary' . Moore and his film crew reportedly watched an orange glow that developed into a low-flying 'craft' which no-one could explain.
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Former Lt Col Charles Halt
13.07.2015, 20:04
RENDLESHAM: US commander feared attack after UFO fired lase and explosion in woods

A FORMER US Airbase commander at the centre of the UK's most controversial mass UFO sighting insists "we are not alone," but world leaders are "covering up" the truth.

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03.05.2015, 17:52
The illuminati talisman

Crafted in the finest iron metal, the Illuminati Talisman beckons blessings of power to rest upon the lives of those who wear it. It displays a person's loyalty to the Illuminati and their dedication to the betterment of the human species.

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03.05.2015, 16:46
Are Illuminati members human?

Perceptive readers have noted that uncommon phrases appear as recurring themes in the first Illuminatiam Testament, specifically references to “your world” when mentioning the planet Earth and “your species” when referring to humanity. Some have taken these terms as indications that Illuminati members are of a species that is not human.

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