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Situation Update, Feb. 3 – America to split into FREE states vs censored “SLAVE” states

Situation Update, Feb. 3 – America to split into FREE states vs censor

(Paranormal) As Florida Governor Ron DeSantis launches a war against Big Tech censorship, it’s increasingly obvious that tech giants like Google, Facebook and YouTube will soon have to deliver different content results to the “free” states where censorship is banned.

(Article by Mike Adams republished from

Yet those same tech giants will simultaneously deliver heavily censored, limited content results to the states run by Democrats, which would be the “slave” states where the people are enslaved through ignorance and tyrannical oppression.

In the slave plantation days of the United States, slave states were the plantation states where slaves weren’t allowed to learn how to read or write, since learning to read allows a person to become empowered and informed. Similarly, in today’s society, the left-wing tech giants, fake news media and Democrat-controlled states also want to keep their people ignorant and uninformed… and they accomplish this enslavement through censorship.

In the mid-1800s, Harriet Tubman famously ran an “underground railroad” to free slaves by helping them escape to the Northern free states. Yet today, it is RED states that represent the freedom to read, learn and think, and it is independent publishers and content creators who are the new “information underground railroad” that’s helping people escape the mental slavery of censorship and left-wing reality bubbles founded on delusions and disinfo.

Harriet Tubman reportedly ran 13 missions to rescue around 70 slaves. Today, with your help, we are running daily missions to free the minds of millions.

The FREE (red) states will help rescue people from the SLAVE (blue) states

As Big Tech begins delivering different content results based on the geographic state in which users live, people who live in blue states will be forced to run VPN software to have a red state IP address where they can access all the websites and content that’s censored in the slave states.

It will be the job of people in the red states to red pill the enslaved people living in blue states, who are brainwashed and indoctrinated by censorship and the fake news media into believing an entirely fictitious, alternate worldview rooted in pure delusions (such as the absurd transgenderism claim that men can get pregnant, or the quack science claim that carbon dioxide is a poison to the planet). In the blue “slave” states, children are already being taught racism and bigotry, instructed to hate people based on the color of their skin (whites in particular) and to despise the founding principles of their own country.

The Democrat party has become the party of intolerance.

Red pilling can only come from red states, as blue states are run by Democrats who “blue-pill” people (which means surrendering to the lies of an entirely false reality, a la The Matrix).

New technology will win a victory for human freedom through decentralization and peer-to-peer distribution of content

In the long run, information freedom will win because people inherently demand knowledge and free access to information. No one likes to be told, “You’re not allowed to read that.”

Although the current structure of the internet allows central actors to invoke malicious tactics to limit the flow of knowledge and information, new technologies are rapidly emerging that help decentralize information and bypass censorship pinch points.

For example, the Tor Project browser — — allows users to access the so-called “dark web” of websites that have the .onion extension. The BBC and New York Times are already running their newspapers on the dark web, and Natural News and Brighteon will soon be announcing .onion websites, allowing users to access independent, empowering information even if the malicious globalists start blacklisting entire domain names. (You should download, install and start using the Tor browser right now in preparation for this shift.)

In addition, new peer-to-peer technologies will allow us to distribute MP3 files (podcasts), video files, documents, articles and how-to guides without going through any control node of a government or tech company. These efforts even bypass domain registrars and the entire domain name system. We will be announcing these efforts in the near future.

Another stunning development that promotes the decentralization of information and computing architecture is called Holochain. It is a technology that sets people free from centralized control systems, and it scales in ways that traditional blockchain can’t even approach. You can read about it at or watch this short video for a technical overview:

Similarly, the entire open source development community is all about decentralization and knowledge sharing. The Linux community typically promotes the fundamental idea that information should be free (as in beer).

Open source developers in France have now released a mature, stable version of PeerTube, which is an open source, peer-to-peer video hosting platform. This software allows people to easily set up their own YouTube alternative and share videos freely.

Learn about PeerTube at

And then there’s cryptocurrency, which is essentially decentralized money that empowers the people. And that’s exactly why the central banks and corrupt governments of the world are attacking it. Cryptocurrency allows individuals to exchange payments without the approval of centralized banks and their tightly controlled transaction systems.

When you combine all these technologies, you create an ecosystem of freedom and decentralization that can help people fight against tyranny, censorship and oppression. For example, people can shop on dark web sites (.onion) for CBD products, then pay in Bitcoin, and engage in an honest transaction that’s currently frowned upon by banks and governments.

Or people who live in countries or states that practice oppressive censorship (such as communist China or the United States under the Biden regime) can use the dark web to anonymously access information websites where they can read real news that’s banned by their local government regime.

Thus, the real answer to human freedom in the digital age is found in decentralization technologies, all of which are based on mathematical algorithms that describe the topology of the ‘net (such as a holographic topology, or a blockchain topology) as well as algorithms that handle encryption activities.

In other words, math can save humanity from tyranny.

So if you ever thought math was boring, think again. Math is the answer to privacy, decentralization and freedom from tyranny.

Learn more in today’s extremely informative Situation Update podcast:

ACTION ITEMS: Things you can do right now to avoid becoming a slave

  1. Contact your state governor and attorney general and urge them to fight against Big Tech censorship by levying fines on tech companies that engage in viewpoint discrimination.
  2. Demand civil rights protections for conservatives and Christians. Viewpoint discrimination by businesses should be illegal.
  3. Download and install the Tor browser from to get ready to access .onion websites, which are censorship resistant.
  4. Shift your focus to alternative platforms like Gab, Parler (which will be back soon),, Bitchute, etc. Stop allowing the tech giants to control what you’re allowed to read or share. (Stop using all Google services, in particular.)
  5. Speak the truth and call out censorship and viewpoint discrimination against conservatives, Christians and Trump supporters.
  6. Make a point to support corporations that protect and promote free speech. Vote with your dollars to support those organizations that will defend your right to speak.

Join the pro-human resistance and prepare to be amazed at what you’ll learn. There is a mass awakening under way, and you can be part of it by simply deciding to be free.

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