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Feds admit Capitol “siege” was planned in advance by Trump haters, not Trump supporters

Feds admit Capitol “siege” was planned in advance by Trump haters, not
  • 15.01.2021
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(Paranormal) Federal law enforcement officials are blowing the lid on the Capitol false flag “siege,” revealing that it was planned long in advance by bad actors who hate President Donald Trump rather than support him.

(Article by Ethan Huff republished from

Many conservatives are already aware of the fact that those who “stormed” the chambers of Congress on Jan. 6 were not legitimate Trump supporters. Instead, they were the usual crisis actors who seem to come out of the woodwork every time there is a pressing need to vilify conservatives.

In this case, the goal was to frame all Trump supporters as “terrorists” by pretending to be them and storming the Capitol building. Most politicians and media outlets fell right in line with the fake news narrative by condemning Trump supporters before even determining who actually invaded the facility.

Because of the left’s malicious lies and slander, people who voted for Trump are being pulled off social media, fired from their jobs, and harassed by “social justice warriors” who think they have the moral high ground in all this.

The truth, though, is that the so-called “siege” was not much different than 9/11 in that it was clearly an inside job perpetrated by the very same people who have been stripping away Americans’ constitutional rights in the name of “safety” and “security” for decades.

Even CNN agrees that everything captured in photos and video on Jan. 6 was probably an unassociated riot that conveniently resulted in Trump supporters being framed as the culprits when they were actually the ones trying to get the rioters rioters to stop breaking windows and wreaking havoc.

“Evidence uncovered so far, including weapons and tactics seen on surveillance video, suggests a level of planning that has led investigators to believe the attack on the U.S. Capitol was not just a protest that spiraled out of control,” CNN reported.

“Among the evidence the FBI is examining are indications that some participants at the Trump rally at the Ellipse, outside the White House, left the event early, perhaps to retrieve items to be used in the assault on the Capitol.”

Antifa, BLM likely responsible for Capitol “siege”

Investigators and prosecutors are now probing the command and control aspect of the attack, which clearly required a high level of planning. Law enforcement is looking at travel and communications records to identify, supposedly, who was behind it all.

“It is absolutely ludicrous to believe that the storming was not pre-planned” one Twitter user wrote in response to the news. “To have people coming in tactical gear and away from the actual rally where Trump was still speaking at the time. History will right this ship but in the moment it’s all political.”

CNN is likewise suggesting, amazingly, that the riot at the Capitol was a premeditated invasion set up by people who are not, in fact, associated with Trump, and who certainly do not support him.

“But Democrats impeached before they had any information from investigators,” tweeted conservative Christian writer Carmine Sabia about the news.

These same folks were presumably also behind the election heist. Trump and his supporters were drawing too much attention to the stolen election and not backing down, so those in opposition to free and fair elections decided to take action by staging an alleged act of “sedition” against the federal government.

“Why did Nancy Pelosi jump into an impeachment on President Trump before any investigation into who were the ones responsible for this attack on our Capitol was conducted?” asked one Trending Politics commenter.

“She was in a big hurry to do this just like the other fake political impeachment. She and the corrupt Democrats and some of the corrupt Republicans have been trying to destroy this country.”

More of the latest news about the false flag “siege” of the Capitol can be found at

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