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Biden Campaign Demands That Facebook Clamp Down On Trump For Spreading ‘Voting Misinformation’

Biden Campaign Demands That Facebook Clamp Down On Trump

The Biden campaign is demanding that Facebook clamp down on President Trump for spreading “falsehoods about mail voting.”

Their request came just after Trump requested a probe into an alleged voter fraud scheme in Minnesota. Minneapolis police have confirmed that an investigation has been launched into reports that Ilhan Omar’s supporters have been illegally harvesting Democrat ballots.

RT reports: In a letter to Facebook published by US news website Axios on Tuesday, the Biden campaign accuses the Silicon Valley giant of “regression” on its own pledge to “protect our democracy.” The campaign claims that a number of posts by President Donald Trump and his son, Donald Jr, amount to “dangerous claptrap” and a “storm of misinformation.”

Trump Jr claims in one video that Democrats “plan to add millions of fraudulent ballots that can cancel your vote and overturn the election,” while President Trump encouraged voters casting their vote by mail to show up at their polling place to make sure their vote has been counted, and vote again if possible.

Though the letter comes just hours before the first presidential debate, and as election season enters its final breakneck stretch, it’s not the first warning that Team Biden has sent to Facebook. Back in June, the campaign organized a petition and wrote to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, asking him to remove “false, viral information” from “bad actors and conspiracy theorists.”

Trump has long accused Biden and the Democrats of plotting voter fraud, and, over the past two years, has made several calls for a voter ID system to be introduced in the US. Despite the president being accused of fear-mongering, recent developments indicate that, at least in certain areas, fraud is being committed.

Right-wing watchdog group Project Veritas released undercover footage on Monday, showing campaign workers in Minnesota paying elderly Somalian voters for their ballots, which would then be delivered en masse to drop-off points – a practice known as ‘ballot harvesting.’ The campaign workers involved claim they were working for congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D), and told residents, “We’ll vote for you.”

Trump called the alleged scheme “totally illegal,” and called on the US attorney in Minnesota to place Omar “under serious review.”

Over the weekend, around 1,400 voters in Virginia received two absentee ballots each, with election officials attributing the error to a printer problem and asking them to destroy the second. In Pennsylvania, a week earlier, a handful of mail-in ballots from military members were found discarded in a ditch, all of them cast for Trump.

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