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Situation Update, Jan. 16th, 2021 – “Operation Trust” psyop revealed, DC prepares for large-scale WAR

Situation Update, Jan. 16th, 2021 – “Operation Trust” psyop revealed,

(Paranormal) Today’s Situation Update for January 16th is largely bad news, so listen at your own discretion. Trump’s pathways to victory are collapsing, but they are not yet gone. There remain three options for Trump to remain in power and secure a second term:

(Article by Mike Adams republished from

  1. DECLASS documents coming Monday may be game-changers.
  2. The Insurrection Act can still be deployed, but it seems no one in the military is willing to follow those orders (unless they are keeping it a really good secret, which is certainly possible…).
  3. The military itself may be carrying out a pro-America “military coup” to overthrow the deep state and save the republic.

However, the vast majority of evidence stemming from actions by Trump officials — Chris Miller says he is leaving the DoD on Wednesday, for example — indicates that Joe Biden will be sworn in and America will fall to a radical left-wing authoritarian police state. Under that scenario, censorship will worsen, conservative speech will be criminalized as “terrorism,” and a fascist military police state posture will be rolled out across the country.

Even worse, it appears to us that the FBI, Antifa and deep state actors are preparing a large-scale false flag event in the coming days, which will be used to justify incoming President Biden declaring his own Insurrection Act and ordering nationwide gun confiscation.

Adding to the confusion, we have now confirmed that a prominent, popular voice on the ‘net who has been shrouded in secrecy — but whose videos are widely shared — is in fact a CIA psyop agent who was tasked with running disinformation campaigns to pacify patriots by telling them there is a secret plan for Trump to achieve a last-minute victory. There are, in fact, a few individuals who we now know to be bad faith actors who are spreading deliberate disinfo to pacify patriots into non-action while their nation is conquered by communists.

For the record, this does not in any way involve Sidney Powell or Gen. Flynn, both of whom are unrelenting patriots working to defend America.

Good faith people vs. bad faith actors

We also need to point out that there are two types of people who are operating right now:

  1. GOOD faith people
  2. BAD faith actors

GOOD faith people like myself, or Scott McKay, Scott Kesterson, etc., are people who are trying our best to get the information right and accurate. We are not always accurate, so even good faith people can possess both good and bad information, at various times, but we tend to have mostly accurate information.

But BAD faith people are deliberately trying to mislead. That is their mission. They may at times possess good information, however, in order to establish credibility so they can achieve a much larger psyop outcome.

Thus, the real challenge in all this is being able to discern who is a good faith person vs. a bad faith actor.

Right now, bad faith actors abound.

The bad faith actors are pushing a modern-day version of “Operation Trust,” which was a Bolshevik psyop run in the 1920s to convince the country that the military was running a secret operation to stop the communists from taking over. As reports:

“Operation Trust” was a Bolshevik counterintelligence operation run from 1921 to 1926 aimed at neutralizing opposition by creating the false impression that a powerful group of military leaders had organized to stop the communists’ takeover.

The one Western historian who had limited access to the Trust files, John Costello, reported that they comprised thirty-seven volumes and were such a bewildering welter of double-agents, changed code names, and interlocking deception operations with “the complexity of a symphonic score”, that Russian historians from the Intelligence Service had difficulty separating fact from fantasy.

There is now no question that we are being run by a similar psyop in America, complete with fake names, mysterious identities, double agents and bold deception operations.

As a result, it appears the deep state has managed to run delays for four years, preventing any real day of reckoning for left-wing traitors, while rigging the elections and stealing the White House, even managing to prevent patriots from rising up by claiming people should “trust the plan.”

The real plan, it seems, was to pacify patriots and overthrow our constitutional republic, and that plan is now mere days from being wrapped up. Importantly, there will never be a legitimate election in America ever again, because the deep state has now corrupted literally everything: The courts, Congress, Big Tech, the media, universities, fact-checkers and so on. Elections will always be rigged from this day forward, and voting is now entirely irrelevant to the “outcome” of any election.

There are still narrow pathways to victory that may yet emerge — and there’s always the possibility of divine intervention if God chooses to save our nation — but those narrow pathways to victory are slamming shut with astonishing speed.

Adding to all this, the DC area is being built up as a kind of military compound, clearly in anticipation of something far more dangerous than few protesters on Inauguration Day.

With an estimated 2.5 million rounds of 5.56 ammo being distributed — along with 500,000 rounds of .50 caliber for the Stryker vehicles — Washington D.C. is being prepared for a nation state-scale attack, which indicates the DoD anticipates an invasion from China or some other foreign aggressor.

Some of the units now being deployed to DC include:

56th Stryker Brigade Combat Team

229th Brigade Engineer Battalion

160th Engineer Company

261st Theater Tactical Signal Brigade

198th Expeditionary Signal Battalion

262nd Component Repair Company

177th Fighter Wing (F-16 fighter jets with air-to-air combat capabilities)

105th Airlift Wing

174th Attack Wing (drones)

166th Security Forces Squadron

The build-up of troops has expanded to 30,000, with DoD’s Chris Miller reportedly calling the governors of every state East of the Mississippi and begging for more troops.

Yet nearly all patriots have already decided to stay away from this event, knowing they are being set up for a massive false flag trap by the FBI, CNN, Antifa and other deep state actors.

So what’s really going on in DC?

In today’s Situation Update, I explore the possibility of a China-led invasion of the United States, complete with Chinese cruise missiles taking out US power infrastructure targets.

Listen here, and be ready for some bad news… because the true situation right now is ugly.

Check each day’s new podcast at:

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