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It’s perfectly clear

It’s perfectly clear
  • 05.01.2021
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(Paranormal) Making the vote irrelevant makes secession relevant.

(Article by Robert Gore republished from

If he gets anything approaching an honest vote count Trump will win in a landslide.

The Corruptocracy,” Robert Gore, October 25, 2020

I stand by my statement. It’s obvious that Trump didn’t get “anything approaching an honest vote count.” One of the better crime scene investigations I’ve seen is “The 2020 Election: Fuckery Is Afoot,” by blogger Correia45, and I’ve posted others as well. As the litigation-filled days go by, we’re sure to find out more about the Democrats’ electoral fraud.

I won’t venture a guess as to whether such disclosure and litigation will ultimately lead to awarding Trump the election, but I have my doubts. The corruption runs too deep. If Biden wins, his camarilla will try to explain away the obvious with talk of glitches and anomalies, all of which mysteriously broke their way. They shouldn’t bother; they’ll be fooling no one and it just adds to the rage.

Good often emerges from even the worst situations. The good emerging from this one is that the veil is completely lifted, the election provides transcendent clarity. Many have already peeked under the veil. Those who refuse to grasp what is now appallingly obvious are too dense, deluded or corrupt to be of concern, and should be left to whatever ignominious ends fate has in store for them.

This election has made it made perfectly clear that we live in a corruptocracy. We can’t vote corruptocracy out any more than the people of the Soviet Union could have voted out communism (also a corruptocracy) and for the same reason: the vote itself is fundamentally corrupt. If Trump loses, it clearly discredits the notion embraced by the losers of every election: wait til next time. Next time is likely to be even more corrupt.

What’s clear to those of us who voted for Trump is if we want to get back what we cherish about America, we’re going to have to fight for it. Freedom is not free, and neither are individual rights, the rule of law, capitalism, peace, or the opportunity to build a better life.

Although I and others have suggested some sort of semi-amicable divorce for our bitterly divided country, that’s not going to happen because of the nature of the division. As I said in “The Corruptocracy,” the division is between the productive class and those it supports.

After this election there are undoubtedly millions of disgusted Trump supporters who would embrace a split in a heartbeat, but peaceful secession is precluded by the fundamental flaw at the core of every collectivist ideology: governments don’t produce, they steal. Leeches never desires separation. The blue needs the red; man cannot live on high tech, media, crony capitalism, and finance alone.

The battle is joined, collectivists versus producers. Tactically, there’s no dumber strategy than waging war against those who support you, but their pretensions notwithstanding, collectivists are never all that bright.

If Biden is declared the winner, Covid-19 restrictions are no longer necessary to hamstring the economy, discredit Trump, and justify mail-in voting fraud. The precedents have been set and a scary germ story can always be concocted when needed to frighten and subjugate those who are easily frightened and subjugated. If the collectivists have a brain in their collective head they’ll quickly lift all the restrictions to resuscitate economies so their collectivist governments will have something to steal. On any honest accounting for pension and medical liabilities, most of them are already bankrupt.

SLL reader SW Richmond recently commented:

if one looks at this map:

America, corruption, corruptocracy, Donald Trump, election, Joe Biden

2016 Electoral Map by county. “Centralia” states are predominantly red.

…one can see the geographic answer to our problem: “Centralia”.
Centralia includes the entire South except Virginia, extends north and west to the mountain states, Midwest and Arizona. “Centralia” has copious access to ports and harbors, energy, food, internal transportation, manufacturing, fresh water, military assets including nukes. Centralia does not include VA, MD, PA, NY, etc, nor CA, OR, WA. MN, IL, WI and MI can choose. We may desire to include Jefferson. A not-so-great migration would ensue much like during the dust bowl. Voter registrations could be reviewed before migrants were accepted.

This is not a drill. It is about survival.

This most definitely is not a drill, it is about the paramount issue that defines human history and philosophy: who decides the terms of an individual’s survival, the individual or those who rule by violence in the name of divine right, the collective, some other vicious justification, or naked force?

The idea of individual rights protected by the government was the foundation of the American experiment. It was and has been imperfectly realized; it is an ideal and humanity rarely attains its ideals. Government is and always will be the antithesis of that still revolutionary ideal. The US government’s massive expansion has been at the cost of the people’s liberty and has destroyed most of their rights. That destruction has been ongoing since the beginning of the republic and Trump has done nothing to stop or reverse it. Philosophical insight and consistency are not among his virtues.

Nevertheless, a Biden administration will be worse, much worse. The Democrats now openly aspire to the collectivist ideal—the complete subjugation of the individual to the state. We’ve gotten a preview of coming attractions with coronavirus totalitarianism, which has obliterated the few freedoms and joys left to Americans. For the millions of Americans who voted for him, including me, Trump represented the last, best hope for what we consider the American way of life.

There’s no going back, and the way forward is for those who cherish the American ideals of individual rights, freedom, limited government, the rule of law, and equality before that law to break away from Washington’s and its aligned states’ corruptocracy and sunder the ties that bind us. Nations and governments are not cast in stone for time and all eternity.

Certainly the bankrupt dis-United States and its government aren’t. The bill is coming due for the debt orgy and an unprecedented and catastrophic global economic cataclysm will take down whomever is unlucky enough to be the president. A defeated Trump would dodge that bullet. The resulting chaos will be unmanageable by a government that produces only debt, can steal little or nothing from a bankrupt economy, cannot borrow at anything but ruinous interest rates, and which must cover its soaring budget deficits with scrip it either prints or creates via computer entries, whether or not it outlaws real money (gold) or forces its increasingly worthless scrip to stay in the banking system.

At that time, an organized secession movement has a real chance. A house divided against itself cannot stand. Collapse will be freedom’s staunchest ally if the moment is seized. It won’t be easy and it won’t be without blood. Until it happens, prepare for the worst, it is assuredly coming and coming soon, but work towards a brighter future in a nation that does not yet exist.

For those who don’t want to wait, almost six years ago (January 7, 2015) I published “Revolution in America,” which presents a nonviolent way to take down the government by attacking it at its weakest point. It requires the collective action of millions of people and at that time I believed the recommended course of action would remain hypothetical. Things change. Although the hour is late, any significant fraction of Trump’s rightfully enraged 71 million voters could still put the plan into effect. The article merits a second look. Please pass it, and this article, on.

Read more at: and

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