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Jussie Smollett Joins BLM Protest Outside Trump Tower

Jussie Smollett Joins BLM Protest Outside Trump Tower

Disgraced hate-hoaxer Jussie Smollett raised a fist in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement during a protest outside the Trump Tower on Saturday.

Jussie Smollet is the actor who was accused of staging a fake attack on himself and claiming that his assailants were Trump supporters last year.

Breitbart reports: The protest included a demand that President Donald Trump and Vice president Pence resign and a flag that read “Revolution Now!”

Smollett, who’s 38, is now infamous for fabricating the most inept hate hoax in the history of inept hate hoaxes. In January of 2019, the fired Empire star claimed he’d been attacked by two Trump supporters, complete with red Make America Great Again hats, who assaulted him because he is gay and black and famous. For whatever reason, maybe because he’s stupid, Smollett was under the assumption everyone would believe a couple of Trump supporters would be out after midnight in sub-freezing downtown Chicago hunting for someone gay and black and famous to assault.

Smollett was eventually charged with filing a false police report, which the corrupt Cook County city attorney, Kim Foxx, eventually dismissed for reasons she could never adequately explain.

Chicago is now suing Smollett for the $130,000 it spent investigating his hoax.

Worse still, at least for Smollett, a special prosecutor reinstated the charges. He’s currently under indictment for six counts pertaining to four false police reports.

Smollett is fighting the suit and charges, and we can only hope his legal fees have already exceeded the $130,000 fine. He was also fired from Empire.

Saturday’s Black Lives Matter appearance is interesting due to the fact Smollett is using the recent explosion of violence committed by the left-wing terrorists in Black Lives Matter to squirm out of his legal troubles.

In a June 6 filing, Smollett’s attorneys said, “As we see millions across the country rise up to protest and expose police misconduct, the City, by its refusal to produce the requested documents, is choosing to actively resist a citizen’s lawful efforts to reveal dishonesty, directly relating to the charges against him, throughout the department, including the police superintendent who oversaw and publicly commented on the investigation of Mr. Smollett’s report of a vicious hate crime and assault.”

Although two brothers, whom Smollett was known to associate with, have admitted to being hired by Smollett to commit the fake hate crime against him – which included tying a noose around his neck – Smollett still claims the hate crime was real, he was indeed a victim…

I should add that the two brothers are black.

This is what I find hilarious…

Right now, to squirm out of his legal troubles, Smollett is falsely accusing two black men of committing an unprovoked and violent hate crime against him. Yep, the same guy who attended a Black Lives Matter protest this weekend, is aggressively looking to frame two innocent black lives for a felony.

The only black life that matters to Jussie Smollett is Jussie Smollett.

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