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Situation Update, Jan 20th – Day of Reckoning: Will the republic DIE or be REBORN?

Situation Update, Jan 20th – Day of Reckoning: Will the republic DIE o
  • 20.01.2021
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(Paranormal) As America watched, a decrepit, mentally incompetent Joe Biden was “sworn in” today, with almost no members of the public in attendance, but with Biden surrounded by now a reported 65,000 troops, just like you’d see in a Third World dictatorship.

(Article by Mike Adams republished from

In truth, Biden wasn’t sworn into anything. The election was illegal, unconstitutional and fraught with deliberate malfeasance. The theft of the election renders the Biden regime null and void, carrying no legal weight whatsoever.

Everything the Biden regime attempts to do from this day forward isn’t rooted in law; it’s rooted in coercion. Rule by brute force, in other words. Gunpoint enforcement by a brutal, authoritarian regime that can only browbeat the population into submission through intense censorship, false flag operations and relentless media propaganda.

That’s why this isn’t over. Biden has no legitimacy, and the proof of election fraud still exists in abundance. It’s recorded in the ballots themselves, which must be saved for 22 months according to federal law. Any honest assessment of the ballots would reveal the Biden election theft, and legal efforts are still under way to reveal the truth.

In fact, just today, one hour after the inauguration of fake president Biden, a statement from Arizona Senate President Fann reveals that the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors has agreed to the voting machine audit they’ve been hiding all this time. They waited until after Biden was sworn in, of course, because they know they cheated.

Biden also knows the election was stolen. He admitted before the election that dems were running the most elaborate vote fraud organization in the history of American politics. On camera, no less.

Now, Democrats are pushing to label all those who demand election integrity “domestic terrorists.” This is a blatant attempt to weaponize the federal government to target and intimidate anyone pointing to the mountain of vote fraud evidence that already exists.

As of today, they think they’ve successful stolen the election, but they know the evidence still exists that proves they cheated, so now they have to go into overdrive to complete their cover-up and try to suppress (or intimidate) anyone who tells the truth.

That’s why dems are now calling for actual secret police to be launched in America to spy on conservatives. One of the key factors they’ll be looking for is people who say Joe Biden is an “illegitimate” president, or that the election was stolen.

Yet every honest American knows it was stolen. And so do most democrats, who are universally satisfied that their election theft was “justified” because they really, really hate Donald Trump. And when the Left has sufficient hatred, they can justify absolutely anything, including door-to-door genocide of Christians, Whites, Trump supporters, gun owners and conservatives.

That’s where this is all moving toward now: A left-wing “cultural revolution” ethnic cleansing in America. And if the military doesn’t step in and take charge to save our constitutional republic, this nation will descend into a brutal left-wing regime that weaponizes the government against its own citizens and calls for mass killings of conservatives by labeling them all “domestic terrorists.”

It has already begun, in fact.

Today’s Situation Update for Jan 20th lays out more details of what we’re witnessing:

  • Trump’s farewell speech was not a concession speech.
  • Focused on family, life and opposing censorship. Don. Trump Jr., “The best is yet to come!”
  • Why the GOP is dead and a new “Patriot” party will likely be launched.
  • Why we must have faith in God as we navigate uncharted waters.
  • The Dems wanted us to know it was stolen. They want America to react so they can label everyone “domestic terrorists.”
  • Where Trump had real people at his inauguration, Biden’s team sticks flags in the ground and is mostly abandoned. (What a complete joke.)
  • Russiagate declass documents confirmed and partially released.
  • 12 members of the National Guard removed after FBI “vetting.” Also a complete joke.
  • Mike Pompeo declares China to be engaged in “genocide” and “crimes against humanity.” (Today, China has sanctioned Pompeo and 27 other people, including Steve Bannon.)
  • Why the military buildup in DC? It’s clearly not for an inauguration that’s mostly empty.
  • National Guard chief admits now 65,000 troops in DC. Now 4,300 have been deputized as US Marshals. Who are they planning on arresting, especially since there are no protesters there?
  • “Bloody” Gina Haspel resigns from CIA. Michael Ellis put in place at NSA. Haspel’s resignation was a marker claimed by Dr. Steve Pieczenik, who insists Trump will still be president.
  • Haspel was a key person blocking the declass effort.
  • Highway signs tell travelers to avoid going to DC.
  • A preview of the horrors to come if Biden seizes power: A nightmare of “radical trans activist clowns” will attempt to rule over America.
  • Sec. of Defense nominee Gen. Austin wants to turn the US military into a woke festival of LGBT troops and eliminate all Whites, conservatives and Christians from the military. (Get ready for the Gay Marines and the Lesbian Air Force.)
  • The rise of digital fascism: The Left knows they lied and cheated and stole the election, and they fear the people and the military.
  • Steve Bannon warns of the formation of the new “Stasi” secret police to spy on Americans.
  • Laura Loomer put on secret no-gun red flag list by vengeful FBI.
  • Big Tech censorship goes into overdrive, unleashing a “one way” trip to Hell for America if this isn’t reversed.
  • Pelosi launches attack on people who don’t support abortion.
  • Mainline conservative publishers and personalities ordered to toe the line on pushing vaccines.

I will be publishing a new Situation Update on both Thursday and Friday. Find them at

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