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Yes, the rushed-to-market Covid “spike protein” vaccine means an unpredictable, genetically engineered and mutated virus fragment

Yes, the rushed-to-market Covid “spike protein” vaccine means an unpre

Clinical trial geeks posing as journalists manipulate the language around the dirty and experimental methods used today to manufacture vaccines. Online, all the vaccine hucksters are trying to convince everyone that this sped-up hustle to produce a Covid-19 vaccine is still ‘safe and efficacious,’ and not to worry your little head a bit about the fact that it takes 7 to 10 years to even come close to developing a vaccine that works (even though they still have horrific side effects).

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A rushed vaccine, especially during a pandemic (as they call it), should make everyone feel very nervous, and since it’s genetically modified and mRNA manipulated, even more so. Plus, not only is the recruitment for clinical trials very poor when rushed, safety itself flies out the window. That’s when the efficacy lies ensue, and the clinical trial geeks lie through their teeth on their shill-laden websites and blogs – funded and scripted by none other than Big Pharma.

Yes, the rushed-to-market Covid “spike protein” vaccine means an unpredictable, genetically engineered and mutated virus fragment is being injected into your blood

The clinical trial nerds just regurgitate pharma’s false explanations and twisted logic to manipulate the masses who try to do research to quell their own righteous fears. The globalists have the money to cut through all the infrastructure, legitimate trial volunteers, and ethical regulators, leading to vaccines now being regarded as the world’s most dangerous form of medical intervention that’s spreading disease, disorder and dysfunction, rather than preventing it.

Vaccines create and spread disease – that’s why modern vaccines are “dirty”

People are dying every day from GMOs and vaccines. The human body was never meant to consume chemical pesticides or be injected with mercury and foreign, mutated proteins. GMOs and vaccines destroy good gut bacteria, thus making them the absolute worst thing anyone can do to their immune system. Big Pharma always reports the same regurgitated lie about efficacy, claiming 95%, as they did with the dreaded MMR vaccine, where the team of scientists spiked the vaccine with animal antibodies and falsified their findings.

They got caught by the FDA, and then years later, the CDC lead scientist, Dr. William Thompson, confessed to it all. No, we don’t all forget, like the sheeple do. We remember. It’s documented. Your fraud and dirty vaccines have been uncovered. All the big guns do it, from Merck to Moderna to Pfizer, there’s no difference. The efficacy is always at “95%” because that sounds so good, with some error, but not much. Sell it to the sheeple like a used car that’s about to die, with no refunds and no warranty. In fact, you can’t even sue the vaccine manufacturers anymore. They themselves are immune. Pun intended.

The rushed-to-market Covid vaccine series will prove deadly, as it’s already killed more than 500 naïve humans

There’s really no downplaying the dangers of today’s dirty vaccines, that often contain mercury, aluminum salts, formaldehyde, human abortion cells, infected animal tissue, gelatin, sorbitol and genetically modified and mutated deadly viruses from animals like monkeys and pigs. The vaccine industry as a whole has much explaining to do over their forced, faulty and forged safety and efficacy data. The regulators have been paid to look the other way, as most of them are former gurus of the very pharma companies that are creating these medical nightmare jabs.

Americans should have ZERO confidence in a multi-billion-dollar industry that answers to nobody, and cannot be sued for malpractice or for their injury inflicting experiments being perpetrated right now on the masses (35 million people are already infected with genetic mutations of synthetic viral fragments as mRNA).

Vaccine manufacturers took the ‘common cold’ Adinovirus pathogen and spliced in the coronavirus as a vehicle to sneak the genetic sequence into human cells

Have no doubts, the Covid vaccine series is highly experimental, dangerous and unprecedented. This viral vector approach tricks your cells like a Trojan horse to let recombinant DNA inside, where permanent damage is done and can never be undone.

You are NOT ‘anti-science’ to reject this. You are not ‘anti-vax’ if you do not want this. You are not a conspiracy theorist to deny genetically mutated viruses from not only entering your body through an invasive, unnatural way, but to deny mRNA technology from tricking your immune system into accepting new DNA restructuring.

If you’ve been vaccinated with a Covid vaccine, then your body is now creating foreign proteins, and that creation is going unregulated, unchecked, and can be manipulated by more vaccines. This is not GMO scaremongering. It’s common sense and science. It’s the science the vaccine manufacturers never explain in true terms.

The “Alliance for Science” is nothing but a factory of shills, charlatans, hucksters and hacks. Their goal is to talk you out of doubt, so you will be another guinea pig in the ultimate pharma experiment through dirty vaccines. It’s population reductionism through spreading disease and sterility. Watch out for those evil pharma hucksters. They’re getting paid much money to spread propaganda. Tune your internet dial to for updates on the most deadly vaccine series ever manufactured – mRNA.

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