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Here’s how Trump could flip the script and win on Jan. 6

Here’s how Trump could flip the script and win on Jan. 6

(Paranormal) Depending on the source, President Donald Trump’s rightful tally in the state of Pennsylvania is somewhere between 200,000 and 500,000 votes higher than what was certified and is now being reported. In either case, though, Trump won Pennsylvania – and if he plays his cards right, Trump could also win the election.

(Article by Ethan Huff republished from

Because Pennsylvania broke its own laws, Joe Biden’s “win” in the state is invalid, period. To declare otherwise, as The American Spectator‘s David Catron puts it, would be to “accept a perfect storm of implausible anomalies and brazen irregularities.”

There are many reasons for this, as the Democrats employed an array of voter fraud mechanisms that effectively battered the election at nearly every possible angle. As you have probably ascertained from even our own coverage of the latest developments, there would seem to be something new almost hourly that breaks headlines.

Besides accepting mail-in ballots past the legal deadline, Pennsylvania certified alleged votes for Biden that simply do not match the numbers for other Democrat candidates who also ran in the state. Catron puts it like this:

“In the end, to accept Joe Biden as our legitimate Chief Executive, we must believe the voters hammered the Democrats in congressional, state, and local elections, yet decided to elect the ‘leader’ of their party president. We must believe that he dramatically underperformed among minority voters, yet received 10 million more votes than Barack Obama. We must believe that virtually all of the reliable election bellwethers were wrong.”

Catron went on to point out that if Biden truly won Pennsylvania, then we must also believe that all of the elections in other key swing states were conducted honestly and that “the Venezuelan software,” referring to the corrupt Dominion Voting Systems machines, used to tabulate votes were also all secure.

“All of this beggars belief,” Catron says. “Joe Biden may be inaugurated in January, but he certainly wasn’t elected president.”

Will American patriots rise up to save the republic from Democrat destruction?

What it will take to overcome this blatant fraud is a serious dose of self-sacrifice among those with the power to do so. Thus far, most appear to be reluctant, worried that doing the right thing will subject them to the whims of the leftist mob, which we know will stop at nothing to maintain its stranglehold on power in this country.

At the same time, there is a glimmer of hope that one, followed by another, and hopefully followed by another, will break with the rank-and-file corruption that for too long as demarcated the political landscape, and instead side with We the People for once in their lives. After all, they would be heroes among those who truly matter in this country: honest patriots who care about our republic and actually want to preserve it.

Listen below to the Jan. 2 installment of the Health Ranger’s Situation Update for his take on the situation:

“Very few people are willing to take bold, revolutionary action requiring self-sacrifice, and judges and officials know that righting the November 3 wrong would make them heroes to many, but pariahs to the rank-and-file rabble and pseudo-elites,” writes Selwyn Duke for The New American about what is at stake.

“They know about cancel culture. They know that such action could mean harassment, their children’s imperilment, death threats, and needing to acquire armed protection.”

On the other hand, there are many who are now seeing that if they do not take a stand, then there will be nothing to lose that will not be destroyed anyway by those who are attempting to seize power that does not rightfully belong to them. Trump and his team continue to keep the hope alive, so will the people observing this all unfold who have the power to do something rise to the occasion?

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