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Wisconsin election commissioner reveals Trump lost the state due to fraud and irregularities

Wisconsin election commissioner reveals Trump lost the state due to fr

(Paranormal) A member of Wisconsin’s election board said that President Trump lost the state because of fraud, irregularities and “Democrat tricks.”

After narrowly winning the state four years ago, Trump lost Wisconsin to Biden this year by roughly 20,000 votes.

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That difference, according to a Republican commissioner on the Wisconsin Elections Commission, Bob Spindell, was the result of outdated voter rolls. An ongoing court case maintains that around 130,000 voters need to be removed from the state’s rolls and that the Commission ignored a Wisconsin law when it adopted policies permitting voters who have moved to keep active voter registrations at their old addresses past 30 days.

Earlier this year, a circuit judge ruled in favor of the plaintiffs, but the Commission preceded to ignore the ruling and it was eventually overruled by the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

At a hearing in Madison, Spindell told state lawmakers: “These 130,000 were kept on the rolls for the November election, presumably sent absentee ballot applications by outside groups. Hopefully it will be determined by the parties how many of these people actually voted by mail or otherwise.”

He added that tens of thousands of the 2.7 million applications for absentee ballots that were sent out by the state were returned and marked as having been sent to invalid addresses. He wondered how many people in this situation might have voted anyway.

He believes that Democrats pushed to loosen the safeguards that were put in place to protect the mail-in ballot process. For example, the Commission let tens of thousands of people vote by mail because they claimed they were “indefinitely confined.” In addition, some poll observers say they were prevented from performing their duties after being forced to remain at least six feet away from where the ballots were being counted on Election Day in Milwaukee.

Spindell said that the Trump campaign has made an “extensive case” across the nation with “literally thousands of affidavits” for various lawsuits that have been filed by the campaign. He pointed out that experts and witnesses have shed light on blatant fraud and irregularities all over the country in the election and particularly in swing states.

Unfortunately, he said, proving voter fraud can take a long time, and those who are caught are rarely prosecuted.

Some Democrat lawmakers walked out of the hearing, claiming that it was a “sham.”

However, the facts speak for themselves. At 2:00AM eastern on election night, Trump was more than 100,000 votes ahead of Biden. By the following morning, Trump had suddenly fallen behind the former vice president, who was then declared the winner of the state.

A graph of the state’s vote count indicated that Biden’s vote count mysteriously spiked in the middle of the night in a statistical impossibility. Analysts said that Wisconsin barely has enough registered voters to account for the updated vote tally there. With the Wisconsin Elections Commission website reporting that the state has 3,684,726 voters and the number of votes cast in the state reported at 3,239,920, that’s an 88 percent turnout by registered voters in the state of Wisconsin, which is very unlikely and completely unprecedented.

People voted for Biden against their will

In addition, a Wisconsin disability service coordinator recently told a Milwaukee radio station that all of her clients told her that they had either been pressured into voting for Biden or had a vote cast for him before they ever saw their absentee ballot. One client said that he voted for Biden despite not wanting to because he was told that not doing so would cause his Social Security payment to go down. Others said they received their ballots already filled out.

Of course, anyone who dares to speak out about voter fraud is instantly labeled a conspiracy theorist and will likely find themselves censored across social media, which is why many Americans will never realize that this election was anything but fair.

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