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Alex Jones Says Someone May Have Poisoned Trump’s Diet Coke and Told Him He Had COVID

Alex Jones Says Someone May Have Poisoned Trump’s Diet Coke and Told H

One of the most frustrating aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the deluge of misinformation about the illness. Much of this misleading data can be found on Facebook or Twitter. It is also running rampant on Conservative media from fringe sources to Fox News.

And, of course, the biggest right-wing conspiracy theorist out there in InfoWars Alex Jones. Not surprisingly, Jones does not believe that Trump actually has Coronavirus. During his Friday show, the radio host claimed that someone may have poisoned Trump’s soda, then told him he had COVID.

Jones began, “America is in a war for its very survival and now our president battling against the Communist Chinese, the globalists, and others in open worldwide economic war is being told he’s got to stay locked up for 14 days legitimizing this entire giant fraud. What we know is 90% of the tests are false positive, conservatively. What we know is there are people inside the White House that want to lock the president down.”

The InfoWars host continued:

“There have been all these coup plans by people in the White House. You had Mattis trying to organize a coup. And I said all along one way to do it with this COVID-19 is to give him a false positive test. They could then poison his Diet Coke or something, he gets really sick and they said it’s COVID-19. So I would also advise the Secret Service to be extra diligent about what the president ingests because they could now use COVID as the cover to kill the president.”

Watch the segment below, courtesy of Media Matters:

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