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Situation Update, Dec. 18th – Cyber Red Dawn attack on USA is prelude to TOTAL WAR with China

Situation Update, Dec. 18th – Cyber Red Dawn attack on USA is prelude

This is the most important Situation Update we’ve published so far. It’s for Friday, December 18th, and runs 98 minutes. See the video embed below.

I’ve altered the format to make sure that elections information goes first, with vaccine or covid topics at the end. This way, you get the urgent national security / elections information right up front.

(Article by Mike Adams republished from

Here are the highlights from today’s Situation Update:

  • Trump’s intelligence and military team members have put everything in place for an Insurrection Act scenario, but Trump still has to be the one to pull the trigger. Will he?
  • The Republican party is finished. McConnell just committed career suicide and discredited the entire party by siding with Biden as the “winner” of the obviously fraudulent election.
  • A new political party will arise from all this, and Americans will reject both the hopelessly corrupt DNC and the pathetic, spineless GOP.
  • We’ve all been thinking too small. Signs are now pointing toward war with China, not merely a domestic war with the deep state. America may be in an active international war before Jan. 20th.
  • Cyber hacks that appear to be from China (although the fake news media keeps reporting Russia) have penetrated and compromised the US government agencies that control all nuclear missiles and nuclear material stockpiles. This was a devastating cyber attack, with huge implications for national security.
  • I am designating this event a “Cyber Red Dawn.”
  • Gen. Flynn appears to call for Trump to invoke the Insurrection Act. Confirms “foreign interference” in the US elections.
  • Lin Wood accuses SCOTUS Justice Roberts of being a treasonous, corrupt, (possible) pedophile who has betrayed America.
  • SCOTUS now designated as “complicit” in conspiracy to overthrow the United States of America.
  • Reminder of the Pentagon order to shut down its internal “secure” communications systems, across the board, due to devastating cyber intrusion.
  • The Department of Energy and National Nuclear Security Administration were both hacked and compromised, revealing national security secrets and details about America’s nuclear missiles, nuclear fuel, conventional power grid assets and more. A huge breach. Cyber warfare.
  • US Army reveals, “We expect adversary actions directed against the homeland.”
  • SCOTUS is slow-walking the Sidney Powell lawsuit in yet another betrayal of America. The courts will NOT be the solution. Only the military.
  • Dr. Jerome Corsi says Trump will win.
  • There is a tug of war within the National Intelligence Agency. Miles Guo (gnews) says, “the war between the CCP and the United States has already started and the battlefield is in the United States.”
  • Vaccine news: A SECOND Alaska healthcare worker has an allergic reaction to Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine just one day after another staff member at the same hospital went into anaphylactic shock.
  • A nurse in the USA passes out and nearly face plants on camera, just minutes after taking the coronavirus vaccine on live TV. Public relations nightmare for the vaccine industry. Doctors rushed to block the camera on the scene…

Here’s the full episode:

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Notes and links from the Situation Update:

General Flynn: Clearly There Was a Foreign Influence Tied to These Dominion Machines – Goes Back to China, Russia, Iran – TRUMP SHOULD REVOTE THESE STATES (Video) – The Gateway Pundit

General Michael Flynn: Number one, President Trump won on the 3rd of November. The things he needs to do right now is he needs to appoint a special counsel immediately. He needs to seize all these Dominion and these other voting machines we have across the country. He needs to go ahead and prioritize by state and probably by county. Fulton County, Maricopa County for example. Exactly what they did up in Antrim County in Michigan they discovered. I think if he looks at probably a couple of these random sampling of some of these counties he’s going to find exactly the same problem. These machines are CLEARLY, clearly, there is a foreign influence that is tied to this system and it goes back to China, it likely goes to Russia. It likely goes to Iran… So he’s got a couple of options he can take and he needs to take them. He needs to take them right away.


Lin Wood tweets:

I have loved law almost my entire life. I love TRUTH: the good, bad, & ugly.
I have revealed ugly TRUTH today about our Supreme Court.
I know that I will be attacked & maybe worse.
But I also love my country & freedom.
We must ALL face the TRUTH.
This may be most important tweet of my life.
Chief Justice John Roberts is corrupt & should resign immediately. Justice Stephen Breyer should also resign immediately.
They are “anti-Trumpers” dedicated to preventing public from knowing TRUTH of @realDonaldTrump re-election.
I have long had questions about “the John Roberts” on Jeffrey Epstein private jet flight logs.  I suspected it was our Chief Justice. MSM has shown no interest in investigating issue to find TRUTH.
America is now entitled to know the answer.
Every lie will be revealed.
Corruption & deceit have reached most powerful office in our country – the Chief Justice of U.S. Supreme Court.
This is a sad day for our country but a day on which we must wake up & face the truth.
Roberts is reason that SCOTUS has not acted on election cases. Others involved.


The U.S. Supreme Court Is Now Complicit in the International Criminal Conspiracy to Steal the 2020 Election and Overthrow the POTUS – State of the Nation

The current membership of the SCOTUS is clearly weighted toward the Globalism and Communism.  With the exception of Justice Clarence Thomas and Justice Samuel Alito, it’s clear the high court is a nest of closet communists and traitors.

Chief Justice John Roberts was appointed by a former CIA Director, hardcore globalist and perfidious POTUS George H.W. Bush in a blindsiding gambit that saw a total neophyte with a long history of brain seizures and surgeries elevated to the most powerful judicial position in the world overnight…


Pentagon imposed emergency shutdown of computer network handling classified material – Just the News

The Pentagon on Tuesday ordered the emergency shutdown of a classified internal communications network, three Defense Department sources confirmed.

The unprecedented daytime shutdown comes amid recent revelations that other federal agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security, were breached by hackers.

The Defense Department alerted employees that the SIPRNET system was being shut down in the late morning for emergency software updates, the sources told Just the News.


US Nuclear Weapons Agency Breached As Part Of Massive Cyberattack: Report – Zero Hedge

The Department of Energy and National Nuclear Security Administration – which maintains the United States’ nuclear weapons stockpile – was reportedly breached as part of a massive hack which affected at least six federal agencies, according to Politico, citing officials directly familiar with the matter.

On Thursday, DOE and NNSA officials began coordinating notifications about the breach to their congressional oversight bodies. They found suspicious activity in networks belonging to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), Sandia and Los Alamos national laboratories in New Mexico and Washington, the Office of Secure Transportation and the Richland Field Office of the DOE. The hackers have been able to do more damage at FERC than at the other agencies, the officials said, but did not elaborate.


Our Bases In US Will Be Attacked: Army

“We expect adversary actions directed against the homeland,” from cyber attacks to foreign-fomented protests, the new Army Installations Strategy warns.

“The National Defense Strategy (NDS) states the ‘homeland is no longer a sanctuary,’” the Army strategy says, invoking the current holy writ of the entire Defense Department. “Army activities in the homeland and on our installations are at increasing risk of disruption and attack, [and] adversaries will use sophisticated intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) networks to target both military installations and soft targets associated with friendly forces, including private sector organizations, civilian infrastructure, institutional Army and joint targets, communication networks, and service members’ families.”


OUTRAGEOUS: Supreme Court Is Purposefully Delaying and Slow Walking Sidney Powell Emergency Petitions – State Responses Not Due Till January 14 – The Gateway Pundit

Sidney Powell, the blessed attorney who is fighting for our President, tweeted that the Supreme Court is now delaying our (America’s) cases in swing states that need to be heard.  These cases show the corruption and the magnitude of the efforts to steal the election from President Trump.

These cases should have the highest priority.  Americans want justice and will not stand for a stolen election.  We will not agree to a communist takeover of America.


Tug of War Within the National Intelligence Agency – Gnews

…the war between the CCP and the United States has already started and the battlefield is in the United States. From Wall Street, mainstream media, technology giants, Hollywood, to American politics, there are agents controlled by the CCP everywhere.

Looking at the whole world, there is no second party that can have 1.4 billion slaves and provide endless wealth, human organs, and all kinds of young children. . .

The CCP can provide elitists around the world with things that are strictly prohibited in all civilized countries.

all democratically elected leaders who truly benefit their people are the enemies of the CCP.

The only reason why John Ratcliffe, the director of the National Intelligence Agency, postponed the report is that the CCP is mobilizing all silent forces within the United States to contend with the Justice League in the United States.

If during this period, it can be proven that foreign forces have actually interfered in the U.S. election, there will definitely provoke a military response. No matter who becomes the next President, it will not change the military action result. If the evidence is convincing enough, this presidential election result will be abolished.”
——— Miles Guo

“President Trump still has 3 cards in his hand, including martial law and the wartime president … My fellow fighters, please prepare yourself well as all kinds of unexpected things can happen.”
——— Miles Guo

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