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VACCINE EUGENICS: Elderly Americans should not be first in line for COVID-19 vaccine because they’re “too white,” claim medical experts

VACCINE EUGENICS: Elderly Americans should not be first in line for CO

(Paranormal) For months, we have been told that the elderly, the immunocompromised, and those who work on the front lines in essential sectors would be the first to receive the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine. However, some medical experts are now claiming that old people should wait a little while longer because they are “too white.”

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According to Harald Schmidt, an expert in ethics and health policy from the University of Pennsylvania, essential workers should move to the front of the line ahead of the elderly because the former have a disproportionately higher percentage of minorities who deserve the jab first.

“Older populations are white,” Schmidt says. “Society is structured in a way that enables them to live longer. Instead of giving additional health benefits to those who already had more of them, we can start to level the playing field a bit.”

Schmidt believes that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) needs to integrate a “social vulnerability index” to determine who is most at-risk from developing COVID-19. White people are the least likely, he suggests, while non-whites are most likely due to living in overcrowded housing and having to take public transportation.

Marc Lipsitch, an infectious disease epidemiologist at Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health, agrees, which is why he is calling on teachers to also not be included in the priority list since they usually have white skin.

“Teachers have middle-class salaries, are very often white, and they have college degrees,” Lipsitch is quoted as saying, as if all of these things are bad. “Of course they should be treated better, but they are not among the most mistreated of workers.”

Why would anyone want to be at the front of the line for a deadly COVID-19 vaccine?

Left-wing economist Elise Gould further contends that racial grievance theories should determine how “medicine,” in this case vaccines, is distributed and dispensed during an alleged pandemic.

“When you talk about disproportionate impact and you’re concerned about people getting back into the labor force, many are mothers, and they will have a harder time if their children don’t have a reliable place to go,” Gould believes.

“And if you think generally about people who have jobs where they can’t telework, they are disproportionately black and brown. They’ll have more of a challenge when child care is an issue.”

As a result, black and brown people should be injected first, Gould and other “experts” insist, in order to create racial equality. Meanwhile, the elderly, because of their skin color, will be moved to the back of the line.

One of the first people to supposedly receive a COVID-19 vaccine was Vice President Mike Pence, an elderly white man who, because of his high position in government, was moved to the front of the line, at least for the cameras.

Meanwhile, reports are flooding in about deadly side effects associated with COVID-19 vaccines, including from an Indian man who suffered a “neurological and psychological” breakdown following the jab.

“He spent 15 days in hospital, including 8 days in intensive care, suffering from acute neuro-encephalopathy (an altered mental state) that left him ‘totally disoriented,’ so much so that he could no longer recognize close relatives,” the man’s wife told Science Magazine.

Why anyone would agree to potentially subject himself to such horrors, all for an alleged virus that produces no symptoms in most of the people who test positive, is beyond comprehension.

“Margaret Sanger would approve,” wrote one Big League Politics commenter about the plan to move white people to the back of the line for COVID-19 shots. “Poison the non-whites first.”

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