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BREACHED: CISA orders every federal civilian agency using SolarWinds technology to shut it down immediately

BREACHED: CISA orders every federal civilian agency using SolarWinds t

It was reported on Monday that 33,000 customers of a technology firm known as SolarWinds, based out of Austin, Tex., were hacked, resulting in 18,000 of them supposedly using a “trojanized” version of the company’s Orion software platform without knowing it. In response, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) released an urgent memo calling on all “federal civilian agencies” to “disconnect and power down all SolarWinds Orion products immediately” – does this signal the commencement of a cyberpandemic?

(Article by Ethan Huff republished from Natural News)

News about the breach sent shockwaves all across the nation and even around the world as SolarWinds Orion is used by everything from government agencies and telecommunications companies to the United States Postal Service (USPS) and the Pentagon. SolarWinds technology is also used in Dominion Voting Systems, which as we now know, facilitated a fraudulent election on behalf of Joe Biden and the Democrats.

The extent of what this hack means for the infrastructure of pretty much everything that runs today’s world is still under investigation, though it is apparent that the situation is serious. Just like how the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) shut down the world’s economy, this computer virus, of sorts, threatens to demolish what remains of it, along with everything that relies on a network in order to function.

“There is concern within the U.S. intelligence community that the hackers who targeted the Treasury and the Commerce Department’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration used a similar tool to break into other government agencies, according to four people briefed on the matter,” reported Citizen Free Press about the latest developments.

“The people did not say which other agencies, but late Sunday, Austin-based IT company SolarWinds said software updates it released in March and June of this year may have been surreptitiously tampered with in a highly-sophisticated, targeted, and manual supply chain attack by a nation state.”

CISA immediately responded by issuing Emergency Directive 21-01, which orders all federal civilian agencies “to review their networks for indicators of compromise.” These federal civilian agencies were also told to shut down their systems to prevent further compromise by nefarious actors who may try to take down the national infrastructure.

“The compromise of SolarWinds’ Orion Network Management Products poses unacceptable risks to the security of federal networks,” stated acting CISA Director Brandon Wales on Monday. “Tonight’s directive is intended to mitigate potential compromises within federal civilian networks, and we urge all our partners – in the public and private sectors – to assess their exposure to this compromise and to secure their networks against any exploitation,” he added.

Ever since Congress granted authority to CISA under the Cybersecurity Act of 2015 to issue emergency directives, the agency has issued five of them. This one, however, is perhaps the most serious as it suggests that our military, government agencies, businesses and other societal institutions, as well as our elections, are all at extremely high risk of being targeted by malignant actors.

Owners of SolarWinds tied to Obamas, Clintons and communist China

In the latest episode of his program, Christian of Ice Age Farmer explained that what has happened is that weapons of mass destruction – the cyber variety, just to be clear – have been stolen at the same time that “a back door” has been sent out into the world to utilize them.

“So this sets the stage for basically anything to happen in the coming days,” he further warns – be sure to watch Christian’s video update below:

More than 435 of the Fortune 500 companies use SolarWinds. So do all of the top 10 telecommunications companies, along with the Pentagon, the State Department, NASA, NOAA, the National Security Agency (NSA), USPS, the Department of Justice, all top five U.S. accounting firms, “hundreds” of colleges and universities. Even the Office of the President of the United States uses SolarWinds.

It has also gone public that the owners of SolarWinds are connected to many of the usual suspects, including the Obamas, the Clintons and communist China. The full details of this can be found at The Gateway Pundit.

Communist China, by the way, would seem to be behind almost every evil thing that is currently being revealed – not Russia, it is important to note. While the mainstream media would have us all believe that Russia is the big, bad boogeyman, the real and much bigger threat is the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

“For those who haven’t realized yet – China has been behind the following events: the plandemic, the lockdown theory and masks, the rise of Antifa, the rise of BLM, environmental movements throughout the West, the planned violence and looting, and the election fraud,” wrote one Citizen Free Press commenter about the current situation.

“This is a systemic manipulation of the people of the United States and you are in a ‘cold war.’ Their strategy is to turn the U.S. against itself, whilst they steal and loot all your intellectual property, technology, manufacturing facilities, and global status.”

Another noted, just as Ice Age Farmer did, that Klaus Schwab warned about all this back in the summer, setting the stage in predictive programming fashion for a future cyberpandemic event, which appears to now be in motion.

“Don’t believe for a second this was Russians,” wrote yet another. “This is almost certainly a continuation of the Chinese campaign against America, and being linked to Dominion just cements that, since they were almost certainly behind the voter fraud as well (with the complicity of the Democrat leadership).”

Stayed tuned for more details as this is a developing story.

More of the latest news about the fraudulent 2020 election can be found at

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