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UK allowed mysterious 3-hour COVID-19 aerosol “test flight” over nation

UK allowed mysterious 3-hour COVID-19 aerosol “test flight” over natio

The Netherlands Aerospace Center sent a Boeing 737-800 up in the air to conduct some kind of strange Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “test flight” over England the other day. And as far as we can tell, Brits down below were never notified about the biohazardous experiment.

A German news page on Twitter revealed that Corendon Airlines partnered with the Dutch organization to supposedly “learn more about aerosols on board aircraft.” The experiment took about three hours, though nobody really knows what it involved because nothing has been publicly disclosed.

Was COVID-19 deliberately sprayed inside the aircraft, some are asking? Was it also sprayed outside the aircraft? Again, nobody seems to know the answers to any of these questions, which is ominous in and of itself.

Rumor Mill News speculated on the true nature of the flight, asking many of the same questions as we are about what really went on up at 39,000 feet.

“The question is, was this substance being sprayed to kill the flu virus or was it used as a vaccine without getting the public’s permission?” George Eaton of the site asked.

Corendon imposed harsh COVID-19 restrictions back in the summer

Back in August, Corendon publicly announced that travelers arriving in Nuremberg – a bit ironic in light of the Nuremberg Trials – would need to jump through a bunch of hoops in order to deplane there.

In addition to having to get a COVID-19 test upon arrival, travelers were also ordered to:

• Have in hand an existing negative COVID-19 test printed in either English or German
• Not be coming from any “high-risk” COVID-19 area throughout Europe
• Only be passing through Germany rather than making it one’s final destination

“If none of the above apply to you, you can register online in advance to shorten your waiting time when you return to Nuremberg,” the company further announced.

Will COVID-19 vaccines “shed” the virus onto healthy people?

Since this is a developing story, there is not much else to say at this point other than something fishy definitely took place in the skies over the U.K. that warrants further investigation.

Was something done up there to spread more disease in the name of trying to fight it? Will we ever truly know what the plandemic purveyors are doing behind our backs with incidents like this as they continue to fearmonger about the virus?

One thing we do know for sure is that the newly released COVID-19 vaccines are mostly untested, and could potentially shed the virus or some other infectious agent onto others.

Perhaps this is what was being tested inside that Boeing airplane as it flew high over the skies of Great Britain. The timing is certainly suspect, seeing as how the first batch of COVID-19 vaccines was released in the U.K. at precisely the same time that this test launch occurred.

Speaking of vaccine risks, it is also entirely unknown how the average Joe will fare after receiving the jab. Will people who get vaccinated for COVID-19 end up becoming seriously ill or dying? Will “health authorities” then blame people who did not get vaccinated when the true culprits were those who received the vaccine?

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is advising everyone to avoid taking the shot for these reasons and more. It is simply not a risk worth taking, especially for something that has a 99-plus percent survival rate.

One Twitter user, commenting on the airplane anomaly, wrote that there are probably going to be “spikes” in COVID-19 cases over the areas where it flew in the coming days. We certainly would not be surprised.

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by: Ethan Huff

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