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Nicotine vs. Dopamine – The chemical messenger war and why people who try to quit nicotine keep failing

Nicotine vs. Dopamine – The chemical messenger war and why people who

(Paranormal) Over 95 percent of people who quit nicotine without help return to the habit within 6 months. How could that be, when the true nicotine physical addiction wears off after just 3 to 4 days? It boils down to the fact that nicotine is a short-term stimulant, but a long-term depressant. Plus, much of the addiction is based on psychological stimulation that stems from physical habits and “rituals.” You see, dopamine is created in the brain, even when you just think about a cigarette, or vaping, or sex, or even your favorite food. So when smokers are trying to quit, there’s a chemical messenger war that’s going on in their brain that’s physical and mental, and the triggers can become unforgiving, if not followed by the drug. Let’s elaborate.

(Article by S.D. Wells republished from

Behavior rituals keep smokers addicted, beyond the 4 day physical nicotine addiction. Most smokers love packing that pack on their hand, tapping the cigarette on its end, and dangling it from their lips while putting off lighting it. The dopamine is already kicking in, knowing the drug will follow soon. Little chemical messengers are doing their job because they’re expecting reward.

Most smokers also change their environment when they puff, heading outside, away from stress. This too provides a dopamine boost, but not enough. Cigarettes are treated with ammonia (freebased) to turn the nicotine into a vapor, so it reaches the heart and brain within 3 seconds. How do you quit THAT?

Then there’s that hand-to-mouth habit, and that’s boosting dopamine production too. Yes, the rituals have all but taken over your life. What to do? Try substituting with healthy snacks, like trail mix, berries or dark chocolate. Also keep going outside for breaks to just breathe deeply, without the nicotine device, and choose superfoods and supplements instead. Keep reading.

The perils and pitfalls of addiction

Over time – years of feeding the nicotine fix and providing your body with a dopamine-creating crutch, the body creates less and less dopamine, and you need a stronger and more frequent fix. Oh, the perils of addiction. When those dopamine production levels drop, form and function go with it. Symptoms include sadness, cognitive changes and sleep problems. Many smokers suffer from dopamine transporter deficiency syndrome, and they have no clue that there is any natural substitute for their drug addiction, and we’ll definitely cover that later.

But first, it’s important to understand how to win the chemical messenger war, the one that defeats the mood swings, the indecision and the dark days. You’ve been over-stimulated by a jacked-up nicotine delivery device for years, and it’s making you lose interest in almost everything, besides the cancer sticks themselves. Your actions have become compulsive, and resistance is futile. Or is it?

Did you know there are superfoods and supplements that naturally boost your “feel good” neurotransmitter that’s associated with reward and pleasure? So what if your “go-to” comfort food was a superfood-supplement combination that boosted your dopamine production, where you didn’t even crave smoking cigarettes or vaping any more?

Strategic, market-tested tips to help you QUIT NICOTINE for that 2021 New Year’s resolution

The best way to fix your “problem” is to boost your dopamine production naturally, instead of with a drug. Nary a nicotine user on planet Earth knows about this. Set down the cheeseburger and the diet soda for a minute and learn the path out of the maze of addiction. There’s a saying that goes like this, “Just put one hand against the wall and you can lead yourself right out of the labyrinth.” That’s the power of supplements and superfoods.

There is a natural, innovative alternative to nicotine, and the testimonials are pouring in. Smokers and vape enthusiasts are discovering the next step, a clean step, in the evolution of nicotine alternatives. You can drop the patch, the gum and the lozenges, because they all still contain nicotine, dragging you by the heels back into the undertow of addiction. Now there’s a liquid “shot” that contains only natural ingredients for the ultimate dopamine boost that’s non-addictive and powerful. It’s called Krave Kicker. Zero nicotine. Zero cravings.

Krave Kicker was invented by a twice-published author of cancer prevention books, and it’s budget friendly. Backed by clinical science, you may want to check out Krave Kicker for that New Year’s resolution that thousands of people are making this year, especially with Covid-19 lurking around. Dispose of that nicotine addiction and boost your mood and your immunity naturally.

Top 10 ways people quit smoking or vaping in 2020

#1. Supplements and exercise (best chance of long term success)

#2. Vaping (6 out of 10 people who leave cigarettes to vape never return to cancer sticks)

#3. Hypnosis (a natural method that yields about an 18 percent success rate)

#4. Cold turkey (the toughest method, yields a 96 percent failure rate, but the strong willed can pull it off)

#5. Acupuncture (another natural method that really works, but needs other “assists”)

#6. Nicotine patch (yields only a 6 percent success rate, still contains world’s 3rd most addictive drug)

#7. Nicotine gum (yields only a 3 percent success rate, still contains world’s 3rd most addictive drug)

#8. Stop drinking (nothing stirs the need for a smoke more than alcohol consumption)

#9. Covid-19 scare (infectious disease usually kills faster than cancer, and nicotine compromises immunity severely by restricting the flow of blood that delivers oxygen and nutrients to vital parts of the body, including to your cleansing organs)

#10. Read a Good book (plenty of authors have broken down the mental, physical, emotional and nutritional aspects of quitting)

Tune your internet dial to and make 2021 the cleanest, most positive and energetic year of your life yet. You can do it. Take charge and take control. Yes, you too can WIN the chemical messenger war, and do it naturally. This has been a public service announcement from Natural Health News.

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